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4 Effective Teeth Whitening Products

4 Effective Teeth Whitening Products

Nobody likes being self-conscious because of their smile or teeth. When you have white and bright teeth, it can help you look younger by up to five years, as well as help you be more confident. If you’ve gotten used to hiding your smile behind your hand, then maybe it is the right time to invest in some of the main teeth whitening products available in the market.

Teeth whitening products to consider
Listed below are a few of the main teeth whitening products that you can avail of. You can get them at medical stores or buy them online. In case the cosmetic treatments aren’t working, it is best to consult a dentist. Read on to know more.

  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
    For those of you seeking a whitening product to add to your daily routine with absolute ease, this toothpaste by Colgate should be your go-to product. It is one of the best products available out there and helps you get visible white teeth in just five days. This toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide in it, which works efficiently well in whitening your teeth.
  • Crest 3D White Strips Kit
    Every session with a strip from this white strip kit would take you about half an hour. So, whenever you decide to do this, ensure that you have enough time to let the product work its magic and follow the dos and don’ts mentioned. For best effects, you need to use these strips every day for about 20 days. By the end of the three weeks, you’ll see that your teeth are brighter by up two to four shades.
  • Go Smile’s Sonic Smart Brush
    It is a smart brush that works on blue light technology that is known to fasten the process of teeth whitening. All you need to do is take equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste and brush throughout for about two minutes. For best results with this main teeth whitening product,you need to use it regularly for approximately ten days. When used twice a day, you’ll start seeing great results within two days. The good thing with this smart brush is that it will not only give you with clean pearl-white teeth but also with a fresher breath.
  • Bright On Teeth Whitening Kit
    It is a great product for teeth whitening as it mess-free. With the kit, you get whitening pens and the LED accelerator light, which is hands-free. It is composed of a whitening agent, which is enamel-safe and is used by the dentists as a regular in-office treatment. If desired, you can plug in its light tray on your smartphone to get quick and easy sessions of teeth whitening. For best results, you should use this for ten minutes every day for about a week.

Your teeth and smile speak volumes about your grooming, appearance, and overall health. If you do not mind shelling out extra money, you can consider visiting a dental clinic to whiten your teeth. This process will cost you approximately between $200 to $1500. However, if you want a cost-effective solution, you may consider any of the aforementioned options.

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