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6 Healthy Snacks for Kids

6 Healthy Snacks for Kids

When kids are at home, they seem to be hungry all the time. Well, that is not surprising. Kids often get into growth spurts and require more calories. Also, they run around a lot and use up energy to be active. The best thing to do is to make healthy foods available at all times. But no kid wants just fruit for a snack. Don’t sweat it. Here are six healthy and super easy snacks that kids can make themselves.

Fruit and Yogurt
Peel a banana, cut it into slices, and serve it along with a cup of creamy yogurt. Banana provides energy with slow-releasing sugars. The potassium in this fruit helps keep your kid alert and improves brain functioning. Protein and calcium found in yogurt help in the growth and development of your little one’s bones.

Cheese and Crackers
Cheese and crackers are quite easy to make as a healthy snack that can occupy your kids creatively for a while. All they need is a few of their favorite crackers, some cheese slices, and cookie cutters in their favorite shapes. Graham crackers are low in sugar, and provide a lot of energy

Let them arrange the cookies on a plate. Then, using the cookie cutters, cut out their favorite shapes from the cheese slices and place them over the cracker. Cheese, a good source of calcium, and healthy fats help keep your child feeling full in-between meal times.

Carrot and Cucumber Slices with Hummus
If you have some delicious home-made hummus that your kids enjoy having, they can have it along with some antioxidant-rich baby carrots and water-rich cucumber.

Cucumber keeps your kid hydrated and keeps their skin shiny, while crunchy carrots protect the teeth and gums, and keep their eyesight sharp.

Tiny Sandwich Discs
Place a few slices of whole-grain bread on a cutting board. Cut them into tiny discs with his cookie cutters. Keep these aside and do the same with a small tomato, and cheese.

Now, pile a few slices of olives along with these ingredients. To layer up and make the sandwich discs, grab a slice of tiny round bread. Place the tomato and cheese discs on top of it, and close it with another bread disc. Now, a small black olive will go right on top of this sandwich.

Apple Rings with Creamy Almond Butter
The fiber-rich apple keeps your little one’s stomach clean because it is a pre-biotic. The carbohydrates in apples provide energy and the chunk-free, creamy almond butter is an immunity booster. Almonds are known to improve memory power and increase concentration too.

Sweet Multi-grain Wrap with Fruits
On a flat surface, place a multi-grain tortilla wrap, smear a large spoon of cream cheese or honey on it, and arrange kiwis, strawberries, oranges, raspberries, and grapes over it. Your kid can then roll this up healthy and easy snack and sink their teeth into good health.

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