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4 Lifestyle Changes for Multiple Sclerosis

4 Lifestyle Changes for Multiple Sclerosis

Medicines are just one of the ways to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). Apart from medications, one can consider various lifestyle-related modifications to ensure that the treatment is effective. So, here’s a list of some effective lifestyle changes for multiple sclerosis that will not just make a patient feel better, but also keep a check on symptom flare-ups. 

Eat a healthier and a balanced diet
As such, there’s no particular MS diet that one should follow. However, one can make certain dietary changes to ensure that there are no unnecessary symptom flare-ups. Try to eat a diet rich in fiber, as it will help relieve constipation, which is often a regular problem seen in people with MS. Some ideal foods to cater to fiber requirement include vegetables, fruits, dried beans, whole grains, and lentils. However, in addition to increasing fiber intake, one should drink more liquids. Because if fiber intake is not consumed with enough water, the constipation might aggravate. Also, in case, MS has hampered one’s sense of taste, they could use more spices, herbs, citrus juices, and hot sauce in the food to add flavor.

Stay physically active
For anyone who’s suffering from MS, exercising and staying physically active is pivotal. When one exercises, their flexibility improves, and the overall body’s functioning gets better. Exercising will also help relieve common symptoms, such as troubled sleeping, constipation, and certain cognitive issues. One can engage in any physical activity that they enjoy the most. It could be dancing, yoga, aerobics, walking, or anything that one can comfortably do.

Ensure that the brain is stimulated
Along with physical activities, mental exercises are also quite important. A person should engage in mentally stimulating activities like solving crossword puzzles, playing word games, learning a new language, taking music lessons, or reading a book. All of this will assist in keeping the brain active and sharp. Moreover, being socially active could help in improving the overall brain function.

Get a good night’s sleep
Sleeping right is another lifestyle change for multiple sclerosis. Getting the perfect quantity of sleep is important for the brain to function well. An ideal way to maintain healthy sleep hygiene is by having a fixed schedule of sleeping. While one is in bed, try to avoid all screens, do not drink a lot of water before sleeping, ensure that one’s room is cool and quiet, and sleep on a comfortable bed. Several sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea, muscle spasticity, anxiety, depression, or frequent urination are common among people with multiple sclerosis. If any of these are preventing a person from sleeping well, they should consult a healthcare professional.

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