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5 Tips for Buying Lipstick

5 Tips for Buying Lipstick

Women have two main types of lipsticks found in their makeup kits. The first type is the one that you can apply every day, and it is always in your vanity. The second type is the one that you buy but not use frequently. You might prefer one type of lipstick over the other maybe due to wear time, shade, or texture, as these factors influencing your purchasing decision.

You must follow these five tips for buying lipsticks so that you never regret this investment:  

Try Before You Buy
At times, we get attracted to a certain shade of lipstick that’s just not right for our skin tone, or wouldn’t do anything to enhance your personality. Thus, you need to swatch the shades on your hands and notice how they look before buying them. Thoroughly analyze the shades and then make an informed choice. 

Check Shelf Life
Before buying any lipstick, you need to check its shelf life. You need to check the date of expiry as well as manufacturing. Usually, lipsticks have an approximate shelf life of three years. However, a few stores try to get rid of their products, which are around a year old to finish the old stock. If that happens, you get only two more years of shelf life. So, it is best to check the shelf life before shopping for any lipstick.

Pick One That You Need
There are different types of lipsticks available in the market. So, understand the need and the occasions for which you can carry these lipsticks and then spend your money. You can find lipsticks of various types, like shimmer, cream, frost finish, and matte. For instance, the thing with matte lipsticks is that they tend to stay on your lips for a longer period. On the other hand, the lipsticks, which are soft-touch, keep your lips hydrated. Frost lipsticks have a reflecting texture, and they make your lips glisten and sparkle. Thus, you need to understand this distinction and then make an informed choice.

Don’t Repeatedly Buy Similar Shades
When you plan on buying a lipstick, consider all the shades that you already own and then try to pick a shade. This is a vital tip for buying lipsticks and will prevent you from hoarding the shades that you already own. Also, it is good to experiment with newer shades once in a while.

Be Careful of Replicas
Always remember, whichever brand you are buying, only go with the original products and not their replicas. It is always quality over quantity. Having 10 replicas for the cost of one wouldn’t do you any good. Rather, pick one lipstick that is good in quality and doesn’t ruin your lips. 

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