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Common Triggers of Asthma and Allergies

Common Triggers of Asthma and Allergies

It has now become extremely important to be aware of the types and main triggers of asthma and allergies. If you are susceptible to such conditions or looking out for someone that you care, the following information will help you keep a close check on them and help prevent unwanted complications.

Types of asthma
Asthma might sound like a generic health problem related to breathing issues. However, there are different types of asthma that affect people. A few are listed below:

Allergic asthma: This type of asthma is related to allergies. Patients often show symptoms after coming in contact with allergens.

Occupational asthma: People who work in different kinds of workplaces can also develop asthma due to exposure to chemicals, smoke, or dust present in the air.

Exercise-induced asthma: Exercise helps to live a healthy life, but this type of asthma can be triggered after doing a few minutes of workout in a cold or dry area.

Adult-onset asthma: Not every asthmatic patient develops the symptoms during childhood. This type of asthma can also be confused with a heart or other respiratory disease.

Nocturnal asthma: Like the name suggests, this type of asthma becomes worse during night. People with nocturnal asthma may not show any symptoms during daytime.

Triggers that cause asthma
There are few allergens that might be a major cause of asthma. One must steer clear of such elements at all times, else things may go out of hand. Some of the major allergens to avoid are listed below.

Pollen: The wind carries pollen from trees or vegetation, which is hardly visible to the human eye. If you spend long hours in the outdoors, you should keep a check on the pollen levels in the air. Try your best to avoid such areas.

Mold spores: If you are unfamiliar with this substance, it is a microscopic organism that can develop in any sort of environment. These foreign invaders would create havoc in your body and lead to asthma or allergic reactions.

Animal dander: If you have pets, you would know how much hair and flakes they shed daily. It’s better to minimize contact with your pets or any surfaces they touch, if you don’t want to face a sudden episode of asthma or allergy.

Bug frass: This refers to waste produced by mites or cockroaches. No matter how pest-controlled your residence is, there remains the possibility of bugs re-appearing and polluting your house with allergy triggers.

This information on the types and main triggers of asthma and allergies will help you understand the conditions better and help you take preventive measures. Visit a doctor if you notice any breathing issues immediately.

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