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Top Streaming and Cable Services

Top Streaming and Cable Services

Today, the most popular streaming services and TV cable packages are much more than just being the platforms with some interesting shows and flicks. They are now about the app experience, frequency of new releases, and value for money. Herein, we discuss the most popular streaming services and TV cable packages.  

These streaming services consistently provide online content and are the kings of bingewatching.

  • Netflix
    When we speak of the best streaming services, how can we not talk about Netflix? Compatibility with a variety of platforms like Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, and Fire TV Stick makes this streaming service a default install. The good thing about Netflix is that it offers a free one-month trial. Furthermore, you can enjoy anywhere between one to four streams at a time. So, you can easily share your password and ID with your friends. You can get a Netflix subscription for a starting price of around $9 per month.
  • Prime Video
    Just like Netflix, this extremely popular streaming service is compatible with almost all devices. With Prime Video, you get a free one-month subscription. This streaming service also allows three simultaneous streams. You can find a myriad of originals, classics, as well as the latest releases in movies, comedy specials, and even some excellent entertainment for kids of all ages. Prime Video on its own is priced at around $13 per month. You can also get a yearly subscription of all Prime services, including Prime Video, for around $120.  
  • Hulu
    For those of you interested in watching some of the most popular TV shows, there’s no alternative better than Hulu. This streaming service is also compatible with almost all devices but allows only a single stream at a time. The platform has a vivid collection of TV shows and a collection of amazing originals. Hulu is quite affordable, and you can subscribe for basic membership at a nominal cost of around $6 per month.

Here are some cable TV packages you just cannot miss

    DIRECTV® is an excellent cable service provider that is primarily known for sports programming. You can get a subscription of this cable package at around $65 per month. With this, you’ll get all the renowned sports channels, such as NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network, and MLB Network. For the sports lover, it is just the ideal package.
  • Dish
    With Dish, you get access to more than 240 channels at an introductory offer of around $85 per month. You can easily find age-appropriate content with Dish, as it has bifurcated the content under eight different heads.
  • Spectrum TV
    Spectrum TV gives you access to more than 200 channels at a base price of around $90 per month. It is certainly one package wherein you can get the best value for premium channels. With Spectrum Gold, you can get access to some of your most-loved premium channels at a highly affordable price.

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